Georgia Conservation Tax Credits Available for Purchase

Georgia Tax Credits and the Georgia Land Conservation Program

Georgia has a lot to be excited about with the passage of transferability for the Georgia Conservation Tax Credit Program.  We want to help you make the most of the opportunity this program will provide:

What We Know Now

  • Landowners doing conservation donations in 2012 can get cash for their tax credits.
  • Prior tax credits are also eligible to be transferred and sold.
  • Eligible tax credits can be transferred for use on the buyers’ 2012 tax return.
  • Sellers should be able to receive approximately 80% of the value of the tax credits transferred.  That means a landowner selling $100,000 in tax credits would get a check for $80,000.
  • Credits can be sold as late as the following October 15 to be used against the prior year's taxes; however, the donation has to be completed by December 31st.
  • Landowners faced with the choice between developing their land or filing for bankruptcy now have a third option that allows them to maintain their productive agricultural operation.
  • Conservation income tax credits can be purchased at a discount of as much as 17% depending on how early you purchase the tax credits and the quantity of credits you purchase.  For example, if a Buyer has $100,000 in state tax liability, the Buyer can purchase $100,000 worth of tax credits in November 2012 for $85,000, thereby saving $15,000.  If a Buyer purchases tax credits in September 2013 to offset his or her 2012 state tax liability, the rate would increase to 87%, but still saving the Buyer $13,000.

How Transferable Tax Credits Benefit the Public

  • The public will appreciate the hundreds of thousands of new acres of protected wildlife habitat, farmland, and miles of scenic vistas.
  • Georgians can make wise financial choices while doing something they can be proud of that creates a lasting legacy for the state.

Reduce your Georgia income tax bill and encourage preservation.

Georgia has an innovative tax program that allows the transfer of conservation income tax credits from landowners to taxpayers with Georgia income tax liabilities. If you're interested in reducing your Georgia income tax while encouraging the preservation of scenic lands, wildlife habitat or working farms and ranches, consider purchasing Georgia tax credits. If you're donating either land or a conservation easement and want to receive immediate cash, consider selling your tax credits.

Tax Credit Connection, Inc. will link you to the market for purchase and sale of Georgia tax credits.

Sellers receive immediate cash for their credits and buyers receive substantial discounts on their income tax bills. It’s a win-win situation. Even better, the incentives from this program encourage landowners to preserve their beautiful land, which benefits all Georgia residents.

Tax Credit Connection, Inc. provides complete transaction services.

Register with Tax Credit Connection, Inc. and your purchase or sale of tax credits will be seamless. Tax Credit Connection, Inc. matches buyers and sellers of tax credits, and prepares all of the documentation needed to complete the credit transfer and prepares the necessary state tax forms for both Buyers and Sellers. Once the tax credits are sold, we will send both the sellers and the buyers all of the necessary documents to file their state tax returns.

How do I register?

Download Buyer Registration Form (PDF)         Download Seller Registration Form (PDF)

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